Saturday, November 29, 2008

It came and now it is gone and Christmas is here.

Well black Friday came and went and oh how much fun it was. I went with my sister-in-law Tammy and her daughter Karly. While through phone calls we were communicating with my mom and Jessica. Okay so it was a little crazy, Jessica was at the first of the line for the leapsters and when they opened the pallet she was trampled. They pushed her down so she grabbed some at the very bottom and huddled over them like they were a football. She came up with her hat off and a scrape across the face. The excitement it so great. Tammy ended up with two big screen TVs just cause it was such a great deal. We shopped till about 2 or 3pm and then I called Tammy later and she was still shopping at 6pm. CRAZY but oh so much fun. I have some pictures they will come later. I have to figure out how to get them off my phone. So you are probably wondering how much money I spent, well I did pretty good I only spent about $200, (okay so $150 just on movies but they were a great deal). Tammy on the other hand I am sworn to secrecy. FUN FUN FUN!!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Black Friday

Okay so the Day after Thanksgiving sale is just around the corner. I am so excited. I don't even have anything that I need to buy but here I am looking at the adds and counting down. 4:00am here we come. I can't wait!!! LOVE IT!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Loosing Weight

Okay it is official. I am going to loose weight. I have finally decided this is enough. I am going to loose 20lbs. This is my goal. I have joined the gym and have been working out every morning at 5:00am. Okay so it has only been twice so far but man am I feeling it. Yesterday I finished and was driving home and my arms were just like jello, I could hardly turn the steering wheel. I am working out with tow of my sister-in-laws and am having a lot of fun. I defiantly think that this is what will make the difference it seems to be more fun with them then work. We laugh a lot but seem to be sweating like crazy. So wish me luck in this new adventure and I will keep you updated on my successes and failures ( I know I will probably have both). I am 160 lbs now and want to be 140lbs for now. I may want to loose more when I reach that goal but that is what I am reaching for now. I know I am crazy posting my weight but I want to encourage others to get healthier. If I can do it anyone can.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Two down two to go!

Okay so I know that I am a little crazy, but Christmas is just around the corner and I love it. I have 4 Christmas trees and I have finished 2. I love to decorate for Christmas and it takes so long that I can't see why I should only have it up for a few short weeks, so I have already started. Merry Christmas to everyone. (my outside lights will be up this week).

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My thoughts

Well I got in trouble, so I need to update my blog. We haven't really had anything real exciting happen in our lives the last few weeks so I have been trying to think of something to put on my blog. I thought I would just share some thoughts that I have had. As you all know Mark has been a leader in the young men's program for several years now. He loves his calling and many times his calling will come first. I have had a problem with this and at times it gets very frustrating. But on Halloween my eyes were finally opened to his view on this. We had two of his young men over at our house ( this happens almost nightly) and they were talking with me about some of their struggles and struggles of the other boys in our ward. I realized that night that I want my home to be somewhere they can come and enjoy themselves. I thought that if they are at my house that is one more night that they are not tempted with the way of the world. I also realized that the weekends that they are camping with my husband is one weekend that they aren't being offered drugs. This may sound silly that I am just now realizing this but for me it took listening to the boys themselves for me to realize how important Marks calling is in these boys lives. I am proud of Mark and the example that he is to me. So here is my idea, I want to knock down the wall in between the two bedrooms down stairs and make a big game room that they can come and enjoy. What do you think? It may decrease the value in our home but it could really make our home more enjoyable.