Monday, July 6, 2009

Friday with Mark

Well Friday we went to the Rockies game. It was a sold out game so we had to by tickets from a scalper. I did the most embarrassing thing too. We finally found someone that would sell us tickets for less then $50 dollars a piece and I just heard $30 dollars so when Mark handed him $60 I tried to take the money out of the guys hand because I thought Mark had given him to much money. But stupid me it was $30 a ticket. So to say the least I felt pretty dumb, but we laughed about it latter. It was a fun game, funner then I thought it would be.
This is at the Rockies game!!

Mark eating his hot dog!! We had to get a hot dog at the baseball game.

This makes us look like we had good seats.

This was the storm we hit as we drove into Denver. Mark was frustrated with me because I stopped the car and made him drive. I don't understand, I didn't want to drive in a foot of water and a gallon of water coming down every second. It was a crazy storm that lasted about 15min is all.

This was one of the street performers at the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. It was a lot of fun.
Mark and I had a lot of fun this weekend. I didn't realize how homesick I was until Mark got here and then had to go home. I wanted to go home too. Only 3 more weeks though I can do it!!! But then Life REally Begins :) That is a whole different story in its self soon to come!!