Sunday, July 27, 2008

Here we go.

Well this is our first blog, so here we go. Just a few things that Mark and I have been doing. Mark is young men's president in our ward and he loves it. The boys also love him. They are always at are house. It is a lot of fun to have them around. Mark just got back from Jackson Hole with the boys they had a lot of fun. We also both went to youth conference. That was fun and I also gained a different respect for mark and the rest of the young men leaders. It was very interesting. We both are enjoying our calling in the church.

We have been working hard in our house. This is a love that I have figured out that I have. I enjoy redoing things in my house. We spent all day Saturday hanging lights, working on the counter tops in our kitchen, and yes we did it without a fight. We have really been enjoying each others company.

Well there it is for our first blog. I will work on pictures and continue to try this.