Sunday, March 21, 2010

Their 1st Clogging Competition

Well, you all know me so you know that I had to put my girls in clogging. They had their first competition in March and they had a blast. I was so proud of them. Their team took first and also got an overall (which is a high score). They were so dang cute. It was really fun to watch how much they have improved over the last few months. As most of you know Miyuki doesn't stop clogging. She clogs everywhere she goes. But I can't say much, I did the same thing when I was her age. Niyah was so cute. At practice she would just move her feet not really doing much clogging. Boy did she have us all fooled, she was amazing. I didn't think she could do it. Mark was even amazed. She got up there and did the dance perfect!!! She always told me that she didn't really like to clog, but now she loves it. It is so fun to get up on stage and perform and they did so well. I love you girls!! Good Job!!

Just some fun Pictures

Okay so my neighbor had these cute pictures of my kids from the fall and I wanted to post them. I really did get the cutest kids. They are such a blessing in my life. They make me smile everyday. I love you so much, Miyuki, Montana, and Niyah!!!!
Making leaf angels! and Playing!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Miyuki's Birthday

Miyuki turned 10 on January 20th. She was so excited. We had cake and Ice cream with just the family and then later in the week we went swimming at Surf and Swim.
An Ipod. What a spoiled little girl.
Miyuki loves to write. This is just a small Diary.
Smile for the Camera DAD.
Lip gloss!!! my favorite.
Sparkles, I love sparkles. ( She looks so cute in this outfit too)

Happy Birthday Miyuki we all love you!!!