Sunday, January 16, 2011

Trip to New Jersey and the week of no end.

I took a training class in New Jersey for work and spent a few days in New York here are some pictures from my trip. While I was there Mark had a really bad week. They had switched his pain meds and had him start taking them threw his feeding tube. So naturally he was finally getting them. Well in the passed we was perscribed such a high dosage because they were not helping him. Well because he was taking them threw his feeding tube he was getting them and way to much of them. I was gone and the kids were at different family members houses so it kind of went unnoticed. Good thing we have such great friends and neighbors that stepped in to help him. He ended up flooding the house more then once. There were a few times I almost came home early but those that were watching him told me to stay. Devin Pettit stepped up and with the help of the Elders in our ward made sure that there was someone at our house or at least checking on him at all times. But they didn't know the circumstances and weren't sure what was going on with him, so naturally they were pretty concerned. I didn't really understand what was going on till I got home.

When I came home I ended up having to call the insurance company to come in and help us with the house. We ended up having to replace all of the flooring in our house. Wow, what a project it ended up being. Mark and I were both so overwhelmed with the help that we received. Our ward family and extended family helped us so much, especially my Dad. I think he spent every minute that he could at our home for a few weeks. You could say it was almost like extreme make over. With in a week we replaced all of the flooring in our home, some walls and painted almost every room in my house.

Well to add to the drama I figured out what had happened with Marks medication and was able to get him back to normal or at least some what. He was feeling a lot better. One day I was so overwhelmed with work, the house and trying to get Mark to his doctor appointments. Mark had a doctors appointment and I had a ton to do at work. I came home and he seemed like he was doing really good. He told me he felt good and so I let him drive to his own doctors appointment. Well, I was at work for about 10 min when I got a call. Yep, he had been in a car accident and it was his fault. He couldn't remember what had happened. I felt terrible. I should have just taken him. The truck was totalled but he was okay.

During this long few weeks Mark started to have seizures again. The doctors just put him back on his seizure medication and told me it might take awhile for it to kick in. We had some pretty scary experiences and again we had so many people that were willing to help me and stay with him while I was at work and the kids were at school. There was one that really stood out it was one of his young men. He was getting ready to go on his mission so he was not working and spent a lot of time with Mark. I think they both loved it though.