Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Friend John Carter

Well as many of you know yesterday one of Marks best friends passed away. He was on his way to Guatemala for a humanitarian service to build a school or homes ( I am not quite sure). His plain went down and there was only two or three survivors( I am not sure because the stories in the media keep changing). It has been a very sad last few days to remember the great friend that John was for Mark. It is hard to understand that some one so neat was taken from this earth so early. We were able to go to the home of his parents and visit with them and also his wife. Lisa his wife is such a wonderful lady, I have always loved being around her, but today I heard stories of her and the things that she does for those around her. She is a very giving person. I can only hope that one day Mark and I can be like them. I am so glad that I have the gospel in my life to help me understand and know that they are a forever family. John lived a great life and I know that he is were our Heavenly Father needs him most. Our Heavenly Father must also know what a neat lady Lisa is. I know that it is going to be hard for her and her family. As friends of John I think that we can only show our friendship and how much we loved him by helping taking care of his family and always sharing his memory with his children. He was a wonderful friend and I can only pray that we can all be more like him. We love you and will miss you.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ryan Shupe Concert

On Monday the 18Th, Amanda and I took our husbands along with a friend Douglas Webberly to the Ryan Shupe Concert at the Layton ampha theater. We had so much fun. Mark has known Ryan for a long time. We would hang out when we were dating, so it was fun to see him again. If you have not ever seen him in concert or even if you haven't seen him recently you need to go. It was so entertaining. We have been to a few concerts but it has been years ago. I didn't remember it being this fun. We talked to him after and it was fun to catch up with him. So if you want a good night out go to one of his concerts. His music is fun but he is even better in concert.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tragedy at the Cragun home

Tammy Rupe had brought her family over to get all their haircuts for school. I cut the boys and Don took them home so I colored Carly's. As I started on Tammy's hair Kristen Cragun brought her kids over as well to have their hair done. I was still doing Tammy's so Kris was going to go to Walmart and leave her kids at my house so I could get started on them. Well Tammy started to tell Kris a story so she didn't leave right away. Well about 10 or 15 minutes passed and we hear screaming coming down the hall.We all run out and Trey has this huge and I mean huge gash out of the back of his arm, and the other arm was scraped. So to give you a visual of the gashed arm, you could see the muscle and the tendons. It was so sick!! Kris yells call 911, we told her to just take him. Oh and the weird thing was it wasn't bleeding so you could literally see it all. Tammy says she is going with her and I told her no her hair would fry off, so I would go. We got Trey to the car and Kris yells that she needs her purse. I ran to get her purse told Tammy to wash out her hair and Carley's. So as we were driving Trey was going in and out of nearly passing out. He was doing really well though. I was in the back seat telling Trey to breath and Kristen not to change lanes. She was driving like a maniac if you can imagine. We called Mike to meet us at the hospital. We also as we were driving trying to find out what happened. Trey couldn't remember, so I was going through my head what could have happened. Did he climb the fence to go after a ball? No that wouldn't have done this. Then I thought he probably was up on top of the shed and fell some how. So we called Tammy to try and get it out of the kids what had happened. We also asked her,( now this is going to be gross) to look for the skin. She said she had been looking. She figured out what had happened or at least narrowed to down. The ski light on the shed was scattered so we figured he fell through, with his arms up and that is how he cut his arms. Well she had also looked for skin, because we knew there had to be a chunk some were. She couldn't find any and figured( are you ready for this) that Sam my dog ate it. GROSS!!. Well we finally made it to the hospital, they took Trey in and I called Mark to come and assist Mike in giving Trey a blessing. He was there shortly. As I waited for Mark several different people were asking me what had happened and that they had never seen anything like that, even the security guy that sits at the entrance. Well Mark went in and they gave Trey a blessing. He seemed to calm down a little bit after. We left because there was nothing more we could do and they only wanted 2 people in the room.

It did turn out just fine. There was not a chunk taken out so Sam didn't eat it. They were able to get him stitched up ( they did have to call another doctor in the ER doctor couldn't do it). When I talked to him yesterday he was doing very well, he didn't seem to be in much pain.

I have had a real hard time with this. The story finally came out of what happened. He fell through but caught himself with his arms and had to pull himself up out of it. He said he stepped on a lawn mower to get himself up but there is only a vacuum under were he had fell. I look out my kitchen window and think of how much worse it could have been or think why didn't it cut him anywhere else it is such a small hole. We did find out also he was only a centimeter from hitting an artery and they don't know why it didn't bleed. It is amazing to me what the body will do when it needs to.

So here are a list of things that are amazing.
Kris was still at my house and not at Walmart.
Mike was at Walmart so he was really close.
Mark didn't work that day so he also was really close.
The cut didn't bleed.
It was only a centimeter from an artery
It only cut his arms
He was able to pull himself back up over the deck and into the house.

If the Lord didn't have a hand in this I don't know who did.
Oh by the way Trey also cut his head open at my house and Mark broke his wrist. So note to Trey stay away form us. Just Kidding. I think it is funny thought he rides motorcycles, they have steep stairs at there house. There is a big swing set at Grandma Craguns. Tammy has a big rock wall, and a tramp at her house. We have a church parking lot and a shed and were does he get hurt? Our house. We love you Trey and hope you are feeling better.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lake Powell

This week end we went to lake Powell and like always it was a blast! We go every year with Marks family. This year was extra fun. We didn't get to go up for the hole week so we missed out on a lot of things. We arrived early Thursday morning. Mark is always so much fun with the kids, he took everyone on a hike. He had scoped it out earlier and found a big hole in the mountain that looked like a crater and found a small cliff for everyone to jump off of. Then we had to swim to what he called Cragun's Island. Everyone loved it. He is a lot like his dad when it comes to things like that. His dad set up an obstacle coarse in the water, that was a lot of fun. They all canued around the coarse to see who was the fastest. I believe Ryan won with Kristen in second and Mark in third.

Mark and I decided to stay an extra night just the two of us. Ryan had told us that we should go see Goblin Valley. So on Saterday everyone went home and we had the afternoon to pass. So we decided to drive up around lake powell to the natural bridges state monument. This was about an 1 1/2 hours. So when we were done we decided to go to the other side of lake power to halls crossing and ride the fairy across with the car. This would be a lot faster. So we got to the turn off the Halls Crossing at about 6:15 and the sign said that the fairy went during day light every even hour. We still had plenty of time right? Well we arrived at Halls Crossing at 7:00, the last fairy was 6:00. So here we were just right across the lake from Bull Frog were we were going to eat and sleep, with no way to get there. So we knew that we would not make it back to bull frog in time to get anything to eat and there was nothing on the way there or even close. So we had to drive 80 miles to Blanding just to eat, and the only thing open was Subway, but hey that was good enough to us. So we started driving back at around 10:00pm. Keep in mind we thought we were staying in the house boat so all we had with us was 2 blankets and 2 pillows. Well we arrived to the natural bridge monument and saw that there were camping spots so we pulled into one and spent the night with Mark curled up in the back seat of our Jetta and I was in the front, not able to put the seat back. Well we woke up at 5:30am and drove to Goblin Valley. This ended up being quite the adventure, but it was fun and Goblin valley was pretty cool.