Thursday, December 3, 2009

I think it was my first true joy of being a mom.

Okay, I know all my posts lately have been about Montana and no he is not my favorite but he says the best things. I had to go to Colorado for a seminar for my training. Montana got home from school and came in the door and said "Mom I'm home". Well grandma was there instead. He told her he needed to call me so she let him.
Montana- Mom I'm home
me- okay, did you have
Montana- mom, mom
me- what
Montana- I am going to miss you a little.
me- I am going to miss you too. How was
Montana- Bye mom.
Then the phone hangs up. Then about 4 hours later. Grandma had took them to clogging practice and Montana says. "Grandma I need to call my mom." So he calls me.
Montana- mom are you there yet
me- no, not yet I will be in a few more hours
Montana- Mom I'm worried
me- what are you worried about
Montana- I am afraid you are going to get in a crash and die
me- I think I will be okay and I will call you when I get there
Montana- okay bye
So when I arrived to my destination I called him and told him that I made it and that I was fine and he said, Okay I just wanted to make sure you were okay.

It felt pretty good to have someone care so much about you. I think I have myself a mama's boy. The girls were just excited to have me gone, but Montana will miss me a little. :) I think this was my first true joy of being a mom. I have enjoyed having them and they are great kids. But now to know that they just may love me as much as I love them, really makes the struggles worth it.